Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to Bible College

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When I say the word Bible college many thoughts come to your mind. If you are a former Bible college student, a flood of memories are probably rushing to your mind right now the great times with friends, learning, the boring chapel services, and the rules that did not make sense to anyone but the administration of the school. If you went to a bible college, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now if you never attended a Bible college, or have never gone to church, you might be considering never reading this blog again because you do not want to be brain washed by some weird follower of Jerry Falwell or a nut job who comes your door and talk about Jesus and share some “kool-aid”. If I were you I would close that door in my face and pour that kool-aid down the drain. But since I’m not going to ask you about your religious beliefs, and I’m not offering you kool-aid because that might break my budget, give the blog a chance and keep reading!

What can I say, you normally will not make a lot of money with a B.A. in Religion from a Bible college, and if you go to a Bible college you might not aspire to make a lot of money. I cannot speak for the televangelist who ruin good TV air time. God wants you to give me your money”! I promise I am not after your money just your soul. I’m just kidding. The only thing I want is to tell my story and hope that you like it so you can tell your friends to read the blog and buy my homemade Sharpe t-shirts so I can take their money and they can advertise the blog for me.

In all seriousness I want you to sit back and enjoy this blog. Some of you might connect well with your bible college experiences and laugh. For others who have not attended bible college you should be warned you are about to experience the inner workings of a bible college. Once you know those truths you can never go back to normal living. Make sure you are absolutely ready to read this blog because if you do then you might enjoy the humor and ridiculousness that makes a bible college. Every week I will be posting a new blog about surviving Bible College.

-Shane Milne

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