Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Survive: The Laundry Room

A laundry room in Stadshagen, Stockholm, Sweden.Image via Wikipedia The Community Laundry Room may seem like a normal place. What could be so crazy about a laundry room? A laundry room is a battlefield in Bible College. People will fight and spit at you just to get a washer and dyer.
If you never lived in a dorm room you may be wondering what happens in a laundry room in a dorm? Does a Bible College type gang wander to and fro skipping and slapping as they flash their gang signs? Is it dangerous after night fall because of twilight type vampires? Well as awesome as having twilight vampires in a laundry room it is nothing like that.
Now several things happens in a laundry room that makes it such a cut throat place. First off the cause of the problem is the people who forget their clothes in the washing machine and the people who steal other peoples laundry soap.
This might come as a shock that Bible College students steal laundry soap from other students. Bible College students don't ask other people to use their laundry soap. I'm not sure why they don't ask maybe they assume that Jesus would share his laundry soap and so should everybody else.
Now don't forget about the people who wash their clothes and then forget them all day in the washing machine. At my college there were about seventy five guys to six washing machines. So if people forget their clothes in the washing machine all day, then it takes up valuable washing machine real estate.
The other problem with forgetting your clothes in the washing machine is your clothes become moldy (I mean so moldy that it is like the everglades swamp in the washing machine)and then you have to keep washing them over and over again. It becomes an endless cycle!
The laundry room does not have to be such a dangerous and cut throat place. I think all Bible College student should take a look at their WWJD bracelets and ask WWJDWWC (What Would Jesus Do When Washing Clothes). Okay that was a bad joke but does anyone still wear those?
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